About Us

Sports Gear Now, founded over 10 years ago, is heading into 2020 with a fresh & innovative management Team. We made gradual, scientific & inovative developments in the field of sports especially sportswear & accessories and some other sports-related articles. Being invold with local soccer sports leagues in my city,
Dedication and Professionalism in the field of sports has been admired and comprehensively appreciated all over sports-loving countries of the world.
Our professional approach towards the manufacturing of quality sporting goods, have also been administered through our foreign buyers.

We believe that the best businesses focus on quality and also being profitable for all parties. Why you should do business with us rather with our competitors? Three factors determine the performance of a business;

Quality of Products
Fair Prices
Timely Deliveries

We strictly comply with these requirements.

Quality control is rigorously enforced at every stage of manufacturing, final inspection and even on standard packing.

Prices are calculated realistically and commensurated with quality standards. We do not compromise on prices at the cost of quality. We religiously adhere to the performance of our commitment of deliveries.
All factors which could put us off balance are predetermined to forestall any delays. A time margin even for unforeseen circumstances is accounted for before committing a delivery date.